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Callum Jack aka Mr. T Remix is a photographer and blogger who lives and breathes grime. Whether it's The Alibi, Visions, Boxpark or beyond, if there's a rave going out, he won't be far from it. As someone wholeheartedly in support of the underground culture in London, Callum is a guy who has certainly seen a thing or two, here's what Mr. 696 (big ups to anyone who knows what the numbers signify) had to say for himself:


Who inspires you now and who inspired you when you first started out in your work?

"That's a good question...I would just say grime in general you know, the whole grime scene and me wanting to capture and document it."


What do you look for in order to get that perfect shot?

"Get stuck in and don't be afraid to get into the moshpit and fucking wile out innit." 

 So is there a lot of trial & error involved?

"Oh yeah, 100 per cent, 100 per cent, there's always trial & error. The amount of times I've been in a grime rave and someone has spilled a pint on my camera, it's such a wave that you just have to make the most of it." 


What is it about photography that gives you energy, particularly at grime raves?

"It's just capturing that moment when everyone's gassed when you're taking the photo. Say like I'm going home from the rave and I'm looking through the photos, I'll remember that instrumental or that bar and think "ah shit", you know what I mean."

 "See with me, I'm gonna give you some good words. For me, grime is in best form is at a rave, that's when grime is grime. I love when I'm at a rave and you can hear the distortion on the mic bruv, it's just greaze, you know what I mean, I like when it's distorted." 


How old were you when you first started out?

"I started my grime blog when I was about 15, I started taking photos when I was 16/17, I'm 23 now."

 So in the time you've been taking photos, what has been your favourite memory?

"I think the best memory ever was when JME and Skepta drove me home after a video shoot."


They drove you home?

"Yeah they drove me home. This was like 2010, that was probably my favourite memory, it was just nuts."

 How have you coped with learning from both good and bad experiences?

"Do you know what the thing is, at the moment, I'm at a stage where if I'm honest, there's a lot I need to learn. My focus is to be at every grime rave and archive it all, you know what I'm saying. I just what to have everything and probably the baddest...I've never really had bad memories of grime raves really."


So it's all been positive?

"I'm really trying to think about it. I don't think I've been to a rave and thought "that was shit, I wish I never went". There's nothing that's really stuck out for me like that."

Who has been your favourite person to work with?

"It's bait but I'd say Skepta. I've met him a few times and chatted to him, he's one of my favourite MCs. It would have to be Skepta 100 per cent."


The scene would have been proud of him after winning the Mercury Prize last year.

"Yeah. The day after he won, I bought a disposable camera because I left my [main] camera at home and I was at work. I thought "lemme just get a disposable one just in case" and I was just there, I was with a girl as well with a few friends, we were just drinking and then Skepta just walked past me and no-one clocked [it was him] and I thought "oh my God, Skepta just walked past"."

 Was he moving covert as if he didn't want people to know who he was?

"Not really but then we chatted for a while about the Mercury Awards and I snapped a quick photo innit."


Not everyone was happy that Skepta won. Many thought David Bowie should have won.

"You know what the funny thing is, I remember my mum saying that he (David) would be looking down and he would be happy about it. I feel like he would be happy that Skepta won.


Is it good to come out of your comfort zone when it comes to new experiences?

"Yeah, of course, it's always good to expand, networking especially helps but when it comes to my photography, I don't really watch anyone. I see other people's photos but I'm completely in my own lane and I'm happy with that, it is what it is. I'm just trying to create my own vibe."

All pictures used taken by Callum. Find his blog at

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